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Book 2: The Ivory-billed Obsession $5.99

Birds call an urgent message to twelve-year-old Claire Belle: Hurry! But she isn't listening, captivated with a famous ornithologist back from another failed effort to find the fabled Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Claire meets Robert Crawley at his Pennsylvania retreat and reveals to him her mysterious appeal to birds. Promising to attract the Ivory-bill, she earns a canoe expedition for herself and friends to the muddy bayous of Arkansas. But the bottomland forest conceals something more than the reclusive woodpecker, something dangerous. And though Claire leaves Pennsylvania, the message of the birds follows.

Book 1: The Legend Awakes $5.99

Claire Belle hears like an owl, sees like a hawk, and draws birds to her in some inexplicable way. Is it magic? Or some special power? Claire keeps her ability secret, afraid that sharing it will somehow break the spell. But can that “spell” be broken violently? A ruthless man seeks to kill a local, legendary Red-tailed Hawk—a raptor to which Claire is devoted and bound, and who holds the answers to her questions.

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Visit Penn State's WPSU-FM radio program BookMark to hear a review of The Legend Awakes, book 1 in the trilogy Of the Wing.

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